Your eyebrows and your hair

Consider your hairstyle when getting tattoo eyebrows. Also, do think of your eyebrows if you’re planning to change your hairstyle. If you have short hair, enhance its beauty by having a dramatic enhanced-arched eyebrow.   Also, remember that the color of your eyebrows does not always have to be the same as the color of your hair. You could get a lighter (or darker) brow to create a bold contrast. Blondes, for instance, usually have barely-there eyebrows. Darker eyebrows therefore will work best for them. Brunettes should go for lighter eyebrow colors, while redheads should go for auburn or dark-brown brows. When you have bangs though, it is important that your hair’s color matches that of your brow. Just choose a soft curve to soften and balance it with your bangs.

Cosmetic TattooIf you have brown eyes, make them more visible by getting lighter eyebrows. For those with small eyes, it would be better to choose eyebrows of a lighter shade so they do not outshine and, in a way, shrink the eyes.   It’s still up to you if you want to get eyebrows that are tattooed on or you’d rather go for natural bushy brows. Just remember the rules on color and shape once you have finally decided on getting a new look.

Before making the decision to tattoo your eyebrows, should know what your decision means. It is a cosmetic procedure in which permanent pigments or tattoos are used on the dermis of your eyebrow to create the effect of eyebrow makeup.

Finding the artist

The process requires the skills of a qualified permanent makeup artist so you have to be careful in choosing who will finalize the permanent look of your eyebrow. Do your research first and look for the most highly regarded makeup technician.  This is to make sure that you will achieve the result you really wanted and to avoid a scenario which you feel like you spent a lot of money but you feel disappointed with the outcome. If you have found the right makeup technician for you then make an appointment. Take a look at some of the before and after projects of the technician first before committing.

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