Fake Eyebrows

Method of Attaching

Different fake brows have different attachment methods. If you go for a specific type then make sure that you are comfortable with how it will be attached to your brow bones. While some fake eyebrows can be attached by peel-away sticky that would stick and sit on your brows, some eyebrows are attached thru specialized glue. This type of glue is proven and tested to be good for the skin. However, those skin types that are quite sensitive to adhesive ingredients should take necessary precautions to avoid allergies and unwanted reaction. It would be best to do a little research on which chemical you are specifically allergic with.

Flexibility False Eyebrows

Fake BrowsAs eyebrows are great contributors in showing emotions, your fake eyebrows should be flexible enough to move along when your facial muscles do. When you’re sad or happy, your eyebrows should be able to move. Eyebrows which are too stiff would look fake and unappealing.

The eyebrows add beauty to the face. If you just consider the important factors that involve in choosing false eyebrows, your brows will surely enhance the whole face, making it more appealing and pleasant to look at.

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