Eye Liner and Lip Tattoo

There are endless options when it comes to eye liner whether it’s thick, thin, winged, defined or soft this treatment is popular with women of all ages and even men. Whether a natural look is desired or a more dramatic fashionable look a thorough consultation will take place before starting the treatment to determine the desired result. 

Since Eye Liner is usually applied in black it is one of the longest lasting procedures so this must be remembered when choosing a design.

An Eyelash Enhancement is my favourite eye liner technique, it is when a fine line is place right along the lash line filling in the little gaps in between the lashes. It gives the appearance of fuller, darker lashes and can be applied to the top, bottom or both.

Lip TattooThis can be a better option to eyelash extensions for some people as these can sometimes result in loss of lashes or allergies. It also can be a fantastic option for people with makeup allergies, problems with eye sight, alopecia, or to simply prevent “panda eyes”.

As with all procedures topical anaesthetics will be applied to make you as comfortable as possible.

It is easy to change the appearance of your lips with cosmetic tattooing. Whether you want more definition, symmetry or fullness or to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lip. With a selection of colours and techniques to choose from the results can be naturally beautiful or totally fabulous the choice is yours!

Lip line: A natural lip line is designed for more definition or fullness.

Lip line and blend: This is a lip line that is blended getting lighter towards the centre of the lip where it fades off into the natural lip colour.

Full Lip: This is a full lip colour which can be a natural looking lip colour or even a “lipstick look” in a fabulous brighter shade.

Lips can be sensitive so if extra numbing is desired a dentist can be used for a “dental block” you will pay the dentist directly or a lip patch can be purchased for $50.

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