About Us

At Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne we have the perfect solution for women who are busy, athletic, allergic to regular makeup, or just have problems with makeup application.  We will expertly design sensational, natural-looking brows for you.  We’ll artistically place your eyeliner to create open, almond-shaped eyes, rich with lashes!

You, too, can know the lasting beauty and wonderful convenience of permanent cosmetics, with no more time wasted applying and reapplying your makeup.  Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery and

call to schedule your appointment.

Go ahead!  Swim!  Golf!  Play tennis!  Dance the night away!  Or just sleep in a little each morning–confident in your appearance, without the worry related to applying and reapplying your makeup!

The SofTap Manual Method

We uses the SofTap manual method of applying permanent makeup.  With this method, there is no electric machine.

Pigment is tapped into the skin by hand, by a lifting technique using the manual tool.  The manual tool consists of a handle and needle assemblies.  The needle assemblies are already attached to the handle (single-use and 100% disposable).

With the manual method, the needle assembly is set upon the surface of the skin, then lifted slightly forward and upward, to penetrate the dermis.  A soft tapping sound is heard.

Color is implanted by using various pointillism, lining or shading techniques